A memory that would always be taken as a mentor

My deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Robin and Don. Robin was a terrific presence at our office and I always appreciated her positive energy, great attitude, and bright smile. Sending my thoughts and prayers.

A memory that would always be taken as a mentor

Although Jadzia was always a shy and quiet child, she was very driven by her ambitions to one day be joined to a symbiont. She spent much of her early life focusing on achieving her goals and would become the only member of her family to be joined.

While at the Academy, she earned Premier Distinctions in astrophysicsexoarchaeologyexobiology and zoology. The reason he gave for this decision was that Jadzia lacked purpose. After Curzon's initial decision, she successfully re-applied that same year and became the only Trill in history to successfully complete the program after having been rejected.

She described herself as going as a "different woman" into the program and "tore through it with a passion". The experience of her initial rejection would haunt her for years to come and was one reason why she never had positive feelings about returning to Trill.

She never could understand why she was washed out of the program by Curzon. After being approved for joining, she had heard of Curzon's deteriorating health and requested that she receive the Dax symbiont after Curzon's death. Later, during her zhian'tarashe learned that Curzon's reasons for rejecting her original application were personal, since he had actually fallen in love with her.

The once shy, hardworking and dedicated Jadzia became a lively, confident and outgoing person with a passion for life. Jadzia was very comfortable with who she was.

She was later described by Garak as "vital, alive She was acquainted with Captain Keoghthough the two did not get along.Henry Molaison (HM) gave science the ultimate gift: his memory. Over 55 years he became the most studied medical case in history, and on death his brain was dissected into slices and digitized as a three-dimensional brain map, preserving his tragically unique brain for posterity.

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Dynamic Memory Allocation and Fragmentation in C and C++

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A memory that would always be taken as a mentor

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