An evaluation of the play les miserables

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An evaluation of the play les miserables

An evaluation of the play les miserables

It is filled with unlikely coincidences, with larger-than-life emotions and giantlike human beings, yet it all manages to ring true and to move the reader. An epic of the people of Paris, with a vital and fascinating re-creation of the swarming Parisian underground, the novel suggests the crowded, absorbing novels of Charles Dickens and Fyodor Dostoevski.

Victor Hugo claimed that the huge book was a religious work, and certainly religion does play an important part in the story. The struggle between good and evil is foremost in the tale.

Another theme of equal importance is that of fate or destiny.

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One can never be certain what fate has in store until the last breath of life disappears. Mortals never are safe from the tricks of destiny, from the seemingly endless struggle.

An evaluation of the play les miserables

The breathless pace of the novel probably has accounted for its tremendous popularity. The story is filled with dramatic and surprising action, many of the scenes ending with suspenseful episodes.

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Despite its digressions, the story moves quickly and with excitement, as the characters race across the countryside and through the narrow streets and alleys of Paris. The characterizations, while on a grand—even epic—scale, are lifelike and believable.

Many of the characters seem possessed by strange obsessions or hatreds, but Hugo makes it clear that they have been warped by society and their earlier lives. Javert is clever but not intelligent. He is consumed by the malice that often dwells within the narrow, ignorant individual.

He can conceive of no point of view other than his own. Sympathy, mercy, and understanding require an insight that he does not possess. For him there is no such thing as an extenuating circumstance. He clings with mindless, insane tenacity to his belief in duty. At his hands, justice is warped beyond recognition.

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Through him, Hugo shows the dark side of virtue. Many of the characters of the novel give charity to those less fortunate. The dramatic opening scenes in which the convict Jean Valjean learns of goodness through the charity of the priest establishes the importance of this theme.

Later, Valjean and Cosette give anonymous charity to others. Other biblical virtues are dramatized in the novel, but none so effectively as love.

By love, Hugo means not only romantic love but also love of humanity, the love of a kindhearted human being for another human being, the love that must be connected with genuine charity.

Valjean learns what love is during the course of the novel. Valjean grows as a person, and he becomes a good and honorable man after he has found the love of the helpless little girl.

By devoting his life to her, he finds the necessity of a meaning outside his own life. Valjean comes to value his own existence more because the girl is dependent upon him and loves him.

The novel covers a time span of more than twenty years—from the fall of the first Napoleon to the revolts of a generation later.

The most exciting scenes, described with breathless precision and dramatic flair, are those at the barricades. The characters are swept up in an action bigger than they are.

Skillfully, Hugo weaves Marius, Javert, Eponine, and the others into the battles along the streets of Paris. Hugo balances between the two elements that compose his masterpiece.Bowes and Church's Food Values of Portions Commonly Used, Text and CD-ROM Package, Jean A.

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