An introduction to the issue of cults

That said, the latter two terms are frequently used in references to such groups. This entry does not address such claims. Improper use of the term generally leads to much confusion, which is one reason why some people — including those who defend organizations that have been labeled as cults — advocate against using the term at all. Sociology takes into consideration the actions of a group or movement e.

An introduction to the issue of cults

Crisis Creation - They employ tactics designed to create or deepen confusion, fear, guilt or doubt. All The Answers - Provide simple answers to the confusion they, themselves, create.

Support these answers with material produced or "approved" by the group. Intense Study - Focus is on group doctrine and writings. Bible, if used at all, is referred to one verse at time to "prove" group teachings. Opposer Warnings - Recruiters are told that "Satan" will cause relatives and friend to say bad things about the group to try to "steal them away from God.

Guilt and fear arising from "failing God" are magnified to manipulate new member.

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New member becomes too busy to question. Family, friends, jobs and hobbies are squeezed out, further isolating the new member. Attack Independent Thought - Critical thinking is discouraged as prideful and sinful, blind acceptance encouraged.

Divine Commission - Leader s claim new revelation from God, within past years, in which all but their group are rejected by God. They, alone, speak for God. Absolutism - They insist on total, unquestioning obedience and submission to the group, both actions AND thoughts.

Group "love" and acceptance becomes dependent upon obedience and submission.


Totalism - "Us against them" thinking. Everyone outside of group lumped under one label. Motive Questioning- When sound evidence against the group is presented, members are taught to question the motivation of the presenter.

See Opposer Warnings 2 above. Information Control - Group controls what convert may read or hear. They discourage forbid contact with ex-members or anything critical of the group. May say it is the same as pornography making it not only sinful and dangerous but shameful as well.

Ex-members become feared and avoidance of them becomes a "survival issue. Members encouraged to drop worldly non-members friends.

An introduction to the issue of cults

May be told to change jobs, quit school, give up sports, hobbies, etc. Coercion - Disobedience, including even minor disagreement with group doctrine, may result in expulsion and shunning. Phobias - The idea is planted that anyone who leaves goes into a life of depravity and sin, loses their sanity, dies, or will have children die, etc.

Constant rumors of bad things happening to people who leave. No one ever leaves for "legitimate reasons. Striving for the Unreachable - Group membership and service are essential for salvation Cult Information Centre 31 Characteristics Every cult can be defined as a group having all of the following five characteristics: It uses psychological coercion to recruit, indoctrinate and retain its members 2.

It forms an elitist totalitarian society.The title of this article comes from the book, Scripture Twisting: 20 Ways the Cults Misread the Bible, by James Sire. In this short but useful book, Sire discusses how cults of Christianity 1 misinterpret and misuse the Bible in support of doctrines and/or practices outside the boundaries of the Christian faith..


A biblical text is referred to but is either not quoted in. Introduction. Acts 15 may at first seem a strange text in which to study the characteristics of a cult.

An introduction to the issue of cults

Although I did not immediately arrive at this conclusion, it slowly dawned on me that the “sect” of the Pharisees () actually was a cult and is therefore illustrative of today’s cults. Introduction to Humanism: types of Humanism, beliefs, practices, famous Humanists.

Cults As the new millennium approaches the number of doomsday cults that exist is expected to increase.

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Because of the approaching new millennium, these cults will predict many cataclysmic events. Many people feel that cults are nothing more than a nontraditional religion, but a distinction. What do you need to know about code to survive in a suspicious world?

What is spiritual abuse? This will explain the basic purpose for the site.

Cult Characteristics