Analysing the different approaches to leadership

Does it have something to do with leadership traits or characteristics? Can our potential for leadership be developed? Or is leadership an innate skill?

Analysing the different approaches to leadership

Ernie has a unique ability to engage individuals and teams and get to the core of their leadership challenges. He also has the skill to shape his approach to the needs of the person or group. Drawing on his experience with a wide range of global clients and a background from the diverse worlds of law, politics and acting, Ernie is able to offer clients insights that stimulate thought and produce creative solutions.

He began his professional life in Washington D. Returning to Australia, Ernie worked for 9 years as a lawyer with firms in Melbourne and Sydney, specializing in international business transactions.

Before entering the world of communications and leadership development inErnie worked as a professional actor appearing in many stage productions and several feature and short films.

As such, he is able to offer clients not only a valuable learning experience, but a memorable one as well. Ernie is also a much sought after public speaker at conferences and special events where he uses his natural humour and energy to challenge and entertain his audiences.

He then moved into marketing where he developed strategy and collateral to support the sales team. Since joining Red Sky inStewart has been involved in all aspects of the business including delivering programs, creating innovative content and developing business.

Stewart is the Gen Y representative of Red Sky. He recently returned from a 3 month stint of intensive Shaolin Kung Fu training with a 32nd generation master in Northern China. He has trained senior executives around the world as well as high profile individuals and teams including the Wallabies and the Australian Cricket team.

Beyond this, Geoff has been involved in devising and creating cutting edge new coaching programs including Presentation Mastery and a new Corporate Story Telling program for senior executives. Geoff brings a huge depth of global experience across numerous industry sectors.

Qualifications Certificate of Marketing, University of N. She has a background in both Business Management and Professional Development, gained with national and international organisations, including a 5-year period in Europe.

She is passionate about fostering good leadership, particularly in industries experiencing significant change.

Analysing the different approaches to leadership

She enjoys leading and working with teams to implement complex business solutions; achieve cultural change; and to drive productivity and profitability. Margie also designs content for leadership and communications development programs. She is able to draw on her extensive experience as a facilitator to ensure the material is highly practical and engages the participants.

As a coach and facilitator, she is solution-focused, challenging, enthusiastic and motivated to deliver the best results that link to the bottom line. Exploring his keen interest in eastern philosophy, mindfulness and meditation, he began to develop an understanding of why people think and behave the way they do.

He combined this knowledge with post-graduate studies in counselling for performance and motivation. At Red Sky Jamie works with senior executives, middle management and employees, both in group training and one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

He specialises in developing leadership capability of those transitioning from operational to people management roles. In the area of communication, Jamie focusses on presentation and influencing skills.

His second book, an exploration of emotionally intelligent communication and the impact it has on interpersonal relationships, is scheduled for publication in As an author, Jamie has been seen on television and in print media, and heard on radio, as an interviewee and in the role of guest expert.

Keen to travel, she then moved to London, where she worked in legal publishing for several years. Since returning to Australia inAnnette has run her own consultancy, building training programs in written communication for a range of legal and non-legal clients.

In MayAnnette joined the Victorian Bar, where she is building a practice in commercial, tax and administrative law. True develops and delivers talent and leadership development programs around the world, with a particular focus on greater China. His training and coaching work covers a broad range of subjects, with a particular focus on leadership, innovation, sales, and influencing skills programs.

Recent projects include a series of influence and motivation programs for multi-cultural groups of leaders; a two-day creative problem solving facilitation for a senior executive group; a coaching and training program focused on developing a culture of innovation at a semiconductor design company; and an intercultural conflict management program for a group of senior engineers from China and Korea.

True is well known for his energy and humour, as well as his ability to ask questions of and understand participants and cutting to the core of their problems quickly. The core of his approach is that deep self-awareness is the necessary first step for lasting behavioural change.

Tannenbaum and Schmidt's Continuum - Models of Management

He has lived in Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore, London, and Hong Kong, working with major corporations and leading brands around the world.

They conduct group retreats and provide psycho-spiritual support for people recovering from the disease. Their book, My Cancer Is Me: Vijay is regularly featured in the Indian media — print, broadcast and online — and invited to be a keynote speaker.

He began his career in the training and development field inwhen he was trained as a coach by Timothy Gallwey, acclaimed author of The Inner Game of Tennis, helping him to develop a staff of trainers.

Hank has worked with many Fortune and Fortune companies in over 20 countries. He especially enjoys working with executives who have strong technical or financial backgrounds.

Some of our more recent work has been for the clients below.Conventional wisdom tells us that leaders are the men and women who stand up, speak out, give orders, make plans and are generally the most dominant, outgoing people in a group.

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Porter's generic strategies describe how a company pursues competitive advantage across its chosen market scope. There are three/four generic strategies, either lower cost, differentiated, or focus.A company chooses to pursue one of two types of competitive advantage, either via lower costs than its competition or by differentiating itself along dimensions valued by customers to command a.

Analysing the different approaches to leadership

Analysing Complexity from Macquarie University. The first course of the specialization ANALYZING COMPLEXITY will teach you what unifying patterns lie at the core of all complex problems.

It advances your knowledge of your own field by teaching. Teacher’s Professional Diary® 35 T Cut along the dotted line and insert in your TPD Professional Teaching Portfolio We have provided below a brief explanation of numerous Teaching, Leadership and Professional Practice Strategies.

Kiichi Fujiwara is Professor of International Politics at the University of Tokyo, teaching courses on international relations and international conflict at the Faculty of Law, Graduate Schools of Law and Politics, and the Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Tokyo.

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