Cowboy writing activity

Yippee Ki Yo Ki Yay! Let the Theme Planning Begin! You can either scroll down through this page to see all of the preschool activities for your theme or click the link below to go to specific preschool activity types you are looking for. Fly swatters, large paper, paint Dip the fly swatters in a shallow tray of paint OR use brushes to paint the swatter different colors and then swat on paper!

Cowboy writing activity

OR Go to the library with your child to find some books about cowboys and cowgirls. OR Go to the library on your own to find books about cowboys from both fiction and nonfiction to have already on hand for your theme day.

Reserve them if you can to save time. Cowboy, by David Murdoch, DK, — Like all Eyewitness Cowboy writing activity this one has a lot of pictures and a lot of information making it perfect for older siblings who want details but also younger ones who just like the photographs.

Cooking in Pioneer Days, by Loretta Frances Ichord and illustrated by Jan Davey Ellis, the Millbrook Press, — An interesting read since it details the history of what pioneers ate on the trail, including recipes.

A Book about Cowboys and Cowgirls, by Gail Gibbons, Little Brown and Company, — The watercolour illustrations and text of this book easily review all aspects of a cowboys lifestyle from clothing to duties.

Here are some picture books: He follows the advice of the moon, a snake and a bird and nothing helps. Will a little toad give him the right advice? This is such a sweet little story!

cowboy writing activity

I love the illustrations in this book. Cardboard or construction paper, white glue, string or you can also use buttons or foam stickersclear tape, tin foil. Cut out cardboard or construction paper into two rectangles about the size of a large belt buckle. Using white glue have your child lay stringbuttons, foam stickers etc.

The more texture and height the better. Cut out a long piece of tin foil that is the width of the rectangle but is long enough to completely wrap the rectangle.

Carefully wrap the tin foil around the rectangle—more than one layer is helpful. Gently press the fin foil down so that the textured designs form on the tin foil. Tape and seams and let the buckle dry. Carefully slide the fancy designed belt buckle over the real buckle to hide it.

Construction paper or recycle by using an old cereal or cracker box as we dida star cookie cutter or you can draw the star by hand but tracing is easiera pencil, child safe scissors, markers or crayons, gold glitter, white glue, a safety pin or you can by pins with sticker backings at a craft storetape.

Trace a star onto your construction paper using your star cookie cutter. Draw rounded tips on the star. Have your child or help your little one cut the star out. Have your child decorate the star using markers.

Have your child apply white glue and then sprinkle gold glitter over the white glue. Let the glue dry. Once it is dry you can attach a pin.

You could also use a regular large safety pin by gluing or taping an extra piece of construction paper cut into a small strip onto the back only glue or tape the two ends.

Loop the safety pin through the strip of paper.Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls! There are so many things that a cowboy or cowgirl can see! Let's take a ride through Texas and make a class book about all those things! This Writing activity is to create a class book page about the different things that a cowboy/cowgirl sees/5(5).

The Rodeo for Kidz Sake Activity Booklet can be used in the classroom or as a homework learning tool.

In the booklet, teachers will find activities aligned with the Common Core State Standards. CONTENT STANDARDS APPLY TO THE FOLLOWING: Common Core State Standards (CCSS) READING Bill Pickett was called “The Greatest .

"If I Were A Cowboy " writing prompt. This was made for Reading Street Common Core 2nd Grade Unit 6 Week 4 "Cowboys". This can be used for any Wild West theme!4/5(9). Teaching Heart's Cowbow Wild West Unit Theme Page! I had so much fun doing a unit for Pre-K students all about the Wild West!

Here are many free printables, . The Wild West Activities Crafts and Printables Put on your cowboy and cowgirl hats and giddy up into this month's theme on the Wild Wild West.

You'll find a round-up of stories, rhymes, literacy activities, math activities, recipes, and .

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Writing activity, western theme, Cowboy Handwriting Page "Write" On! Writing activity, western theme, Cowboy Handwriting Page "Write" On!

Cowboy Handwriting Pages "Write" On! is a one page All About Me western theme pennant banner perfect for the beginning of the school year or back to school activity.

A cowboy and cowgirl version is.

Cowboy Wild West Theme Unit Ideas