English original writing coursework

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English original writing coursework

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The ocean sparkling like a gallery, putting its most prized gems in the reach of the common man. The sun shines like a perpetual red carpet, spread out across the entire beach. The heat merely pushes you forward by means of a slow blistering pain. Seeing through the veil of sunshine, you spot a series of rocks huddled together, forming a cliff; the very cliff that you will release yourself from.

Release your demons, forsake them, and cast them English original writing coursework the sea. No more writhing sense of loneliness. No more craving for a deciphering of your soul. The real world does not exist here, neither do your problems.

All that exists now is the sunshine that warms you up from the harsh cold of life. The serene sight of a thousand diamonds scattered over blue plains.

The smell of salty seas will soon to leave you dripping and soaked with euphoria. You hear the seas calling with its thundering waves. The sacramental sea of happiness gently cleanses all your traumas.

You were chosen, to feel the exquisite chills down your spine that none of your peers ever will. Welcome to your very own pseudo-narcotic experience. Side effects may include a possessing urge to never leave.

You may leave the experience, but it will never leave you. Preying on your mind, this memory will be your most constant cause for procrastination. Transfixed and hypnotised, you make yourself a primitive bed-like stage of consciousness as you cross the bridge of clarity, built with time.

As you watch the sky turn from merry to melancholy; from illuminating blue to mesmerizing orange and before it gets a chance to turn pitch black, you hear the sound of a barrage of cleansing bullets.

Stretch out your hands, open your mouth, embrace nature in its truest form. As you lie on the cliff, embracing Mother Nature, free of troubles, the sun takes refuge. Behind the blanket of clouds at first and gradually the supposedly everlasting bed of light disappears beyond the horizon.


The waves crash through the silence of the dead night like a wrecking ball through the crumbling pillars of tranquillity. Every wave crashing down is yet another chant calling for you to be enveloped in the mysticism of a nocturnal paradise. Every raindrop to bless your tormented skin is another reason for you to stay.

English original writing coursework

Your feet reap the reward for bearing the burden of heat soothing itself in the cool soothing sand. The rain had done its job, showering its blessings on you, making yourself one step closer to transcending into a state of consciousness that acts as nothing less than a gold-mine of serenity.

All that guides you now, is animalistic instinct. Unclench your fists; let the colour come back to your palms. And holding your hands out to all of the Earth, you run.Please note that exam boards may require you to do some written coursework in your own handwriting. Some of the tasks outlined here are suitable for writing by hand.

You may still, if you wish, use a PC for drafting and planning. Back to top. Fiction and factual writing.

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