History of aviation terrorism history essay

The Lockheed L Tristar was on the ground, about to take off, when an explosion ripped the plane in two. The bomb was originally supposed to detonate mid-flight, but a delay in boarding caused the bomb to explode early. Airline personnel tried to intervene but a hand grenade was detonated in the passenger cabin, forcing an emergency descent. A second grenade exploded in the cockpit, and the aircraft crashed and caught fire, killing 63 of people on board.

History of aviation terrorism history essay

The perpetrators may be motivated by political, social, moral, and religious beliefs. Therefore, terrorism act may be executed to drive fear, to overthrow, to destabilize and to replace the existing systems and institutions Burleigh, Terrorism may also be directed as a retaliatory act towards the previous attack.

This paper critically considers the history of terrorism in relation to religious beliefs as a motive behind terrorism.

In addition, this paper will discuss early terrorism and modern terrorism in connection to religion. The history of terrorism dates back to the first century, when the resistance zealot or Sicarii group the dagger men under the leadership of Judas of Galilee, killed Roman soldiers.

Their aim was to overthrow the Roman rule from Judea and its religious rituals. They targeted the Roman rule, temple priests, Sadducees, scholars and Herodians.

History of aviation terrorism history essay

In the 11th century, Hassan Ibn al- Sabbah a leader of Hashshashin the Assassins group, led war against the Fatimud rules which belonged to Sunni Muslims. Hassan Ibn al- Sabbah wanted to enact their radical Ismili Islam faith.

The Hashshashin believed that by acquiring Alamut and other fortified places throughout Persia they will go to paradise. In Pope urban II officially launched the crusades at the council of Clermont. He called upon all Christian families living in Western Europe, who belonged to Roman Catholic to organize for a retaliatory attack against the Muslims Saracens invaders in the Holy lands.

Muslims wanted to conquer Byzantine Empire and Roman Empire as a way of expanding their holy lands. On the other hand, crusaders believed that being a crusader is a surety to heaven. Christians managed to overthrow the Sicily emperor inMoorish Toledo in to the Kingdom of Leon.

However, with the religious interests Pisa maritime state funded Palermo in and Mahdia in raids on Muslims Burleigh, Religious ideologies played a key role in sparking all these early terrorisms.

Christians, Muslims and Jewish religion believed that engaging in the holy war, persecution, shedding of blood and acquiring Palestine and other fortified cities like Jerusalem had a reward in heaven Burleigh, In the history of terrorism, French revolution is marked as the beginning of the modern terrorism.

Maxmilien Robespierre and the Jacobin party brought the concept of terrorism as a virtue, in that it can be used systematically to intimidate and to silence the opposition Poland, Robespierre used state terror to suppress those who were foes to revolution.

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Thousands of people died during his reign. Robespierre argued that violence can bring change and improve the current system. Though the motive of the French revolution was political, it is regarded as the revolution that laid the foundations to modern terrorism Burleigh, The Thuggee cult in India existed since 13th century and disappeared in the 19th Century.

Thuggee were worshippers of Kali god the Destroyer one of the Hindu goddess. The followers of Thuggee used names such as Dacoits gang robbers and Phansigars noose operators.

The group could strangle, ritually mutilate and bury the victims, thereafter, they could offer sacrifices to Kali. Yearly the group is believed to have killed 20, men and women Poland, A beautiful scene of nature essay emerson david guterson mall of america essays dissertation page numbering word china history essays on russia dissertation page numbering word conclusions for history essays on the cold conclusions for history essays on the cold extended essay english b criteria matrix cilappatikaram essays on.

History Of Aviation Terrorism History Essay The act of terrorism is not a new concept. The use of this type of asymmetrical warfare has been used since the beginning of recorded time.

There have been hundreds of these types of acts since and to this day aviation is being used as a tool of terror. Searching through the annals of the history of aviation terrorism history there were three major events where terrorist groups tried to pursue their political, religious, and ideological goals against the citizens of the United States.

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Shortly after the terror attack in Sinai, three more significant attacks were carried out against the aviation industry. In the first attack, on February 3, , a bomb was planted by Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen on a passenger plane in Somalia, which caused a hole in the plane shortly after takeoff.

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History of Terrorism in the United States. The history of terrorism in the United States can be well understood by highlighting the origins of terrorism internationally.

The roots of terrorism are deep and wide. United States is not the cradle land of terrorism.

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