History of carphone warehouse plc

Foundation[ edit ] The company was co founded inwhen most portable phones were too bulky to carry and called car phonesby current Chairman Sir Charles Dunstone and Julian Brownlie. David Ross resigned from the board in December over an issue with shares. Charles Dunstone became Chairman of both companies. The merger completed on 7 August

History of carphone warehouse plc

To stay at the front of this dynamic and rapidly moving industry, we constantly develop new ideas and services for our customers. These do not always come from the top and we rely on people throughout the business to maintain our high standards.

By incorporating new ideas in retailing and new technologies, we have created a stimulating and rewarding environment for all of our employees. The ethos of The Carphone Warehouse is to provide a friendly customer service while meeting the technical needs of the customer in regards to mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

This is done through the employees of the company who are all friendly and have been on an extensive customer service training course for two days either in London, UK or Preston, UK. The Carphone Warehouse uses many different ways to communicate to the general public and their staff.

The main way in regards with its customers is in the monthly magazines. The company also sends out a report to the shareholders every 6 months and an end of year financial report every year.

The monthly magazines are A4 size and consist of 36 pages. In the magazines the logo is always at the top left corner of the page; with the date in the opposite side. On the bottom of most of the pages have the phone number and website, so the customer can find it easily and quickly; and also the page number in the same size and text font.

Most of the other documents, like letters and business cards have the Carphone Warehouse logo in the top right corner of the page. The background of the logo is a Dark Blue which the colour code: The light blue underline is made from: The white text is made from: Another problem with the current database is that the system is often slow due to the fact that the computer has to load function that does not work anymore.

Because the database was built over several years, not all parts of the system works together, so the user of the database has to copy data from one database to another which can take time. This will enable managers to see which member of staff has been selling the most amount of phones on which network.

The data can be entered manually with a keyboard or a barcode scanner which will save time on entering the IMEI and ESN numbers as these numbers tend to be 16 and 19 digits long. Security is a big part for any database especially in retail and with dealing with such high personal information.

To be able to access any part of the database the employee would need to log onto the system with their username and password.

Every member of retail staff would be able view, add and amend each customer record to ensure that the company complies with the Data Protection Act DPA. This will enable managers to see what phones they have been selling and which sales assistant has been selling the most phones.

Also the database will need to make invoices for the customers to keep as their record of their purchase. User Interface Requirements The user interface of the current database has a dark blue background with a light blue for popup menus.

History of carphone warehouse plc

This user interface of the new database needs to be updated and kept with the house style of the company, as the current database shown in the image to the right0 does not comply with this style. From just looking at the current datbase, it is not clear that the database is for The Carphone Warehouse as there is no logos shown anywhere.

The new database would contain the company logo and colours in keeping with the house style of the company. Currently the way to move around the database is to use the function keys on a special keyboard produced for the company where instead of the standard 12 funcations where is 24 function keys.

Each function key will do a different task within the database, and as the name of the keys are rubbed away it become sdifficult to remember which key does what, therefore the new database will not have to use of the function keys but instead use buttogoogns on screen where the user will click the button which the mouse or for future developments, the buttons could also be clicked via a touch screen monitor.

Hardware For the database to run on the computers used by The Carphone Warehouse, the computers will need to have the minimum specification of the following: As the database is used more and more, the HDD will need to be increased to be able to store the growing in size database.

The reason for this printer and not a laser printer is because a cheap black and white printer is used just for printing out invoices and nothing more. In the back office a colour printer could be used to print out reports for the managers of the store.

Entity Relationship Diagram This is the most basic form of an Entity Relationship Diagram showing that many customers can buy many phones and the same phone model can be bought by many customers. This Entity Relationship Diagram shows that each customer can have many transactions and each phone model can be in many transactions.

However this does not allow a transaction to have many phones.Dixons Carphone plc (Dixons Carphone) is an electrical and telecommunications retailer and services company. The Company operates through four segments: UK & Ireland, Nordics, Southern Europe and Connected World Services (CWS).

Dixons Carphone offers a range of electrical and mobile products, connectivity and expert after-sales services from the Geek Squad and KNOWHOW.

The Carphone Warehouse Ltd. is a British mobile phone retailer, with over 2, stores across Europe. It trades as Carphone Warehouse in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and as Phone House elsewhere.. The company has been a subsidiary of Dixons Carphone since 7 August , which was formed by the merger of its former parent Carphone Warehouse Group with Dixons Retail.

TalkTalk Telecom Group plc (commonly known as TalkTalk Group, trading as TalkTalk) is a company which provides pay television, telecommunications, Internet access, and mobile network services to businesses and consumers in the United Kingdom.

It was founded in as a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse and was demerged as a standalone company in March Discover historical prices for DC.L stock on Yahoo Finance. View daily, weekly or monthly formats back to when DIXONS CARPHONE PLC ORD P stock was issued.

Dixons Carphone

The Carphone Warehouse Group plc; also known as The Carphone Warehouse (or ‘The Phone House’ in the rest of Europe), is Europe’s largest independent mobile phone .

Dixons Carphone plc is a multinational electrical and telecommunications retailer and services company headquartered in London, formed on 7 August by the merger of Dixons Retail and Carphone Warehouse Group.

TalkTalk Group - Wikipedia What is pay as you go? You simply buy your phone and then top up your minutes, texts and data each time you run out.
Dixons Carphone PLC, DC.:LSE summary - lausannecongress2018.com The Board intends to meet regularly to consider strategy, performance and the framework of internal controls. To enable the Board to discharge its duties, all Directors will receive appropriate and timely information.
DAVID ROSS Foundation[ edit ] The company was co founded inwhen most portable phones were too bulky to carry and called car phonesby current Chairman Sir Charles Dunstone and Julian Brownlie.

It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE Index.

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