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Joint business planning consultants

Zoning Legislation States and their local governments have practical tools to help combat urban sprawl, protect farmland, promote affordable housing, and encourage redevelopment. In the belief that there is no "one-size-fits all," the model statutes are presented as alternatives that can be adapted by states in response to their particular needs.

Model Statutes for Planning and the Management of Change, edition, was published by the American Planning Association in January and is available for downloading. Here's a summary of what's in the Guidebook.

Introduction The Introduction describes the background and philosophy of the Growing Smart project as well as the organization of the Legislative Guidebook. Chapter 1 Initiating Planning Statute Reform discusses how to begin planning statute reform through the state legislature, the governor, and private interest groups.

It identifies several institutional mechanisms, including special study commissions composed of state legislators, independent study commissions, task forces composed of legislators and nonelected officials, private coalitions, and joint legislative study committees.

The chapter also reviews specific approaches that will help ensure the reform initiative's success regardless of which organizational vehicle is selected. Finally, it provides three model statutes and two model executive orders that describe the structure and authority of the various institutional alternatives.

Chapter 2 Purposes and Grant of Power examines purpose statements -- language that indicates why state planning legislation was enacted and what it is intended to accomplish. The purpose statements contained in the model statutes provide four alternatives posed as fundamental policy choices for state legislatures: The model legislation then describes a series of long-range state interests that all levels of government must take into account when exercising planning authority.

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Finally, the legislation includes language that grants planning powers to local government. Chapter 3 Definitions assembles in one location all of the definitions of "general applicability" that are used in the Legislative Guidebook.

Specific definitions that are pertinent only to particular model statutes are located elsewhere in the Guidebook. Chapter 4 State Planning proposes legislation that establishes various types of state planning agencies, describes their functions, and details different types of state plans and procedures for their adoption and use by state agencies.

Some state plans are intended as vehicles simply to formulate policy or create a "vision" for the state. Others have regulatory implications for state and regional agencies and local governments, such as plans for affordable housing and state biodiversity conservation.

The chapter includes a model state capital budgeting and capital improvement programming statute, and concludes with a Smart Growth Act based on a Maryland law.

Chapter 5 State Land-Use Control includes model legislation for: Chapter 6 Regional Planning proposes statutory alternatives for the formation and organizational structure of regional planning agencies. The model legislation describes a full range of functions and duties for such agencies.

It details the contents of regional comprehensive and functional plans such as those for housing and transportation and procedures for their adoption.

joint business planning consultants

A special feature language for the designation of urban growth areas within a regional comprehensive plan. The chapter also proposes a variety of implementation tools, including the review of plans of state agencies, local governments, and special districts and of major capital projects of extra-jurisdictional or regional significance.

Further, the chapter includes model legislation for agreements between the regional planning agency and other governmental units to implement regional plans.

Finally, a model statute is provided for the designation of the regional planning agency as a substate district organization. Chapter 7 Local Planning authorizes planning at the local level of government.

It is divided into four parts. The first part addresses the role of the planning function in local government -- how the "local planning agency" is established, what its relationship with the legislative body and chief executive officer should be, and what are its powers.

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Project Overview. The Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook and its accompanying Growing Smart User Manual are the culmination of APA's seven-year Growing Smart project, an effort to draft the next generation of model planning and zoning legislation for the United States.

joint business planning consultants

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