Nfsv4 permission denied write a prisoner

Here are some details about the points that you mentioned: An NFSv3 server only provides the file ownership and access permissions. It's up to the client to enforce those permissions for specific users i.

Nfsv4 permission denied write a prisoner

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nfsv4 permission denied write a prisoner

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Ask Question. I can list, read and write files in /mnt/nas and everything is creddited to user , as expected.

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Now, my problem: I would like to map not to admin but to my local user on the NAS, which has user id as can be checked on the NAS: Permission denied on NFSv4 shared directory. Even if you setup NFSv4 with encryption, Kerberos authorization, I'm not aware of any simple method to have the file permission ignores for an NFS mount.

Sharing the directory rw says that the server should allow anyone with suitable credentials to have read and write access to . I have two RHEL 7 machines.

I have installed nginx and php-fpm and setup a nfs mount. I can read/write to the nfs mount without issues and I have another application server (Apache Geronimo) that.

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I have two RHEL 7 machines. I have installed nginx and php-fpm and setup a nfs mount. I can read/write to the nfs mount without issues and I have another application server (Apache Geronimo) that.

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