Ny times science writers new york

Maria Elena Felt the same way.

Ny times science writers new york

ny times science writers new york

You need a highly reliable source of information and news because you want to completely understand the situation. You can't get that by just watching TV, listening to the radio or podcasts, fake news, and something else dubious these days This should not be complicated, but I will give it a good try.

It is still privately owned, at least the majority of its stock, as far as I know. Read here on the latest to give you ideas on the private ownership of this enterprise, which was bought by its current owners on a bankruptcy sale in In fact, ownership of print news media has to be always in private hands.

ny times science writers new york

You can't expect the government to be in the business of media, or else, that's what you call a propaganda machine. Check the same in China, or even in Russia, for example. Preferably, we like to have many more owners to engage in the business of printed news media, and that employ good people actually doing long form journalism.

That ensures we will have a vigorous market of printed ideas that cover the open discussion of many viewpoints from so many sources, most preferably independently verifiable ones, on issues of interest to society on a whole. But, due to upheavals brought about by internet technology, the New York Times is in business in a VERY tough industry to be in nowadays say, like selling books, which I am engaged in.

You'll figure out in due time IT IS more life threatening including to yourself and your loved ones if you unnecessarily control ideas, particularly those in printed media.

Times Square car crash driver told New York police he 'heard voices' | US news | The Guardian

Your news source couldn't be just from the usual sources, especially those coming from publishers who have the relatively easy means to control, dictate, disseminate news to promote certain products and services.

You might as well hire the best minds out there doing marketing and promotions if you only rely on the usual sources. You have to be that dedicated to the tenets of journalism for you to still thrive in the business, considering the vagaries of practising journalism and the relative ease these days in manufacturing news out of nothing.

That's all ridiculous if you completely ignore views that are against yours, especially those causing you inconvenience. And just for the fact that NYT is still around despite its seeming incongruence in today's instant news fabrication without the need to verify and research more deeplythey remain reliable.

I am not saying the same with TV, internet, and the like media. Plus, I still read them because most of their writers write really well, which reason, seemingly, does not suffice for most of us to consider the paper to be still reliable. And, hence, you will see this type of question being posted here.‘Inventing New Ways to Be’ Mark Ford Adrienne Rich’s books reveal an astonishing power not only to capture the shifting spirit of the times but to anticipate the dilemmas of the future.

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