Poop scooping business plan

Do you need a sample dog pooper scooper business plan template or feasibility study report? Then I advice you read on.

Poop scooping business plan

Dogs and humans step in the poop and carry it into the house. You may not be able to see them, but that poop contains parasites that can get the whole family sick.

You call the dog poop professionals. Inquiring minds need to know! How did you get the idea of a poop scooping business? I was very stressed out and disillusioned by my job in the tech industry.

poop scooping business plan

Knowing I was an animal lover and always liked being outdoors, my step-mother jokingly told me of a story she had read in the National Enquirer at her hairdressers about a woman that was making her living as a Professional Pooper Scooper.

What do people say when you tell them what you do for a living? Do they ask if you washed your hands before shaking?

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Mostly they smile or laugh. We actually had a neighbor of a client stand out on his deck and tease us while we worked — a couple weeks later, he asked for a card and signed up himself. Once people get used to the idea, it starts sounding pretty good to them.

How many people work for you? Do they wear a shirt with Professional Pooper Scooper on it — if so, I really want one! The number varies, but we typically have people in the field at any given time. Some people think we are doing some sort of prank or joke. People have never asked for a shirt, but they love showing others our business card.

It actually inspired one of our cartoon logos that we frequently use. Another time a very shamed-sounding man called and requested us to come out ASAP. His wife had been asking him over and over to pooper scoop the yard before her visiting family arrived.

If they would have had a doghouse he certainly would have been in it.

Starting a Pooper Scooper Business – A Complete Guide

Other than poop, what other interesting things have you found in your scooping expeditions? What did you do with them? Legos, a Barbie shoe, lots of gift wrapping paper, aluminum foil — you name it.

We did have a client ask to be on the lookout for a valued family ring. We would have left that one double bagged by their door — the separating from the waste would have definitely been up to them!

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What kind of people are the worst poop offenders, in your opinion? There is one thing we have learned in all our research and years in business: And especially these days, free time is in such short supply for people that the last thing they want to do when they finally have a moment is to go down in their yard and deal with smelly dog mess.

poop scooping business plan

We keep a price point that makes us scooping for them an attractive alternative. Is it pet parents, the city of Atlanta, special events, etc.? Our clients are a mix of residential single-family homes, multi-family communities apartments, condos, etcHome Owners Associations, and parks and dog parks.

We also get people giving our service as a gift to families with a new baby or people that travel frequently and that sort of thing.

How to Start a Pooper Scooper Business

What tools do you use to pick up the poop?Income potential: Most jobs will vary depending on the size of the company. Many in the field who just consult can make $ per week on four business development deals.

If you consult and also take care of the waste management service, your profit could be $2, per company (at an average of four companies per month). Starting a Pooper Scooper Business – The Marketing Plan Marketing ideas and strategies Marketing your pooper scooper business is vital to the growth of your business as this is how you will be able to generate the revenue that will grow and boost your business.

Spread the word about your pooper-scooper service by advertising in local newspapers, pinning fliers to bulletin boards, and through dog-related businesses and clubs in the community. When you start poop scooping business under a franchise company, that is becoming a franchisee, you tend to enjoy a whole bundle of offers.

First you receive training from professionals on the best way to carry out your business, next you get equipment needed even a car for easy transportation.

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Pooper scooper businesses may be formed as sole proprietorships or limited liability companies (LLCs), and there are various tax advantages associated with each option.

Consulting a tax accountant or business advisor is advisable, as these individuals can clarify which option provides the greatest advantage to the business owner.

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