Role of muslims in technology advancement

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Role of muslims in technology advancement

Saudi Arabia is one of the Arab countries at the forefront of this modernisation. The kingdom is now working towards being a centre of research excellence. KACST is primarily concerned with proposing, developing and implementing strategies for the advancement of science and technology within and beyond the nation.

Role of muslims in technology advancement

In addition to this they also conduct applied research and provide advice to the government. It is this environment of advancement and research that directly fosters an excellent background for science and technology education throughout Saudi Arabia.

What better place to study than in a country dedicated to improving its grasp of and impact upon these subjects? Several universities in Saudi Arabia have syllabuses dedicated solely to science and technology. The institution has already forged over twenty academic partnerships with leading universities such as Imperial College London, the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.

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Research centres focus on issues such as computational bioscience, advanced membranes and porous materials, solar and alternative energy engineering and also localised concerns relating to the nearby Red Sea. As is common with many Saudi Arabian universities KSU also hosts its own Centre of Excellence in Science, the main objective of which is the development of innovative programmes which aim to connect both students and teachers on all levels of research.

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals KFUPM is not as specific an institution as its title would suggest - it runs degree programmes ranging from physics and chemistry to geology and geophysics.

Role of muslims in technology advancement

Currently the members of CENT are involved in the research of catalysis and photo-catalysis technology which, when completed, could be applied to the cleaning of gas and other fuels and also water purification.

There is also a research group developing nanostructured materials for application as chemical sensors and a centre dedicated to the development of renewable energy technology.

Universities across Saudi Arabia appreciate and respect the great need and importance of research in the fields of science and technology. It is this country-wide emphasis on research that engenders a perfect learning environment for graduates across the academic field, making Saudi Arabia an ideal choice for students of science and technology.Introduction: An expanded role in nursing is emerging globally in response to the need to increase human resources to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

In this video, we talked about the major implications of technology advancements.

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Technology has also begun to change the roles of teachers and learners. In the traditional classroom, such as what we see depicted in de Voltolina’s illustration, the teacher is the primary source of information, and the learners passively receive it.

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History for Kids >> Early Islamic World Science and Technology flourished during the Islamic Golden Age from around CE to CE. During this time, scholars in the Middle East made great advances in the areas of mathematics, physics, geography, and medicine.

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