Social trends of singapore

It is now and it seems more and more likely that will witness some fireworks in the property market in terms of demand and supply. However, how the property market performs are not solely based on demand and supply. Social trends and demographic shifts are known to bring about massive changes in demand and supply of every product and service.

Social trends of singapore

We Are Social 8 January Go To Blog Homepage Trends to watch in Disruptive innovations and emerging technologies are constantly changing the digital landscape. The challenge for brands is to constantly adapt their offering to remain relevant in this fast-paced environment.

As our social feeds become ever more cluttered, we look to more private channels — direct messages — for connection to others. And the more time we all spend in messaging environments, the more important it is for brands to define how they can add value in this environment.

Messaging capabilities are developing in divergent ways. On the one hand, there have never been better tools - both hardware and software - to create rich video messages.

This is set to continue, as the major platforms are in an arms race, constantly Social trends of singapore their apps to be the platform of choice for creative messaging. Instagram is already testing a separate, standalone app for direct messages, presumably with this in mind. Meanwhile, the drive to deliver useful functionality within the messaging app has seen the streamlined, text-only message bot proliferate.

Smash them both together and the possibilities for social commerce are spectacular. And we expect to see a real tipping point in for social commerce in the US. The importance of dark social, and messaging apps in particular, will grow within marketing plans.

Platforms are not alone in prioritizing social commerce, with brands such as Amazon and its Spark network and standalone apps like Screenshop innovating in the space and offering viable social commerce utilities.

However, social platforms are continuing to amass a wealth of data from geo-tags, behavioural insight and interest insights.

So with the continued evolution of visual search, social platforms are becoming more and more popular places to search. Facebook is investing heavily in its visual search capability.

That will now be extended across the platform, enabling users to search for images via keywords that actually describe the contents of a photo, rather than just tags and captions. An exciting evolution of search on Instagram is the new feature Hashtag follows, which will enable users to follow a particular hashtag, not just a person.

Yes, very soon, most of us are likely to speak to an AI on a daily basis. The future is closer than you think and this opens a new area for brands to harness the power of voice as one of the newest marketing touchpoints.

Brands will indeed need to develop a very unique and recognisable tone of voice, along with a stand-out brand personality. They analyse everything users see, do, share and interact with, to give marketers deep and meaningful insights into their audience, and interpret future occurrences for brands to make actionable strategies out of.

With AI marketing platforms, brands can now develop smarter, more effective content that is hyper-targeted. They allow marketers to deploy content via delivery methods that are aimed at the individual, and provide them with predictions of how, where, why and when consumers would like to be engaged.

Social trends of singapore

This way, brands can better interact with consumers. The future of content marketing is in performing to an audience of one. Brands are in an arms race to win back consumer trust by providing certainty through absolute transparency - not just glossing over the uncomfortable bits.Social trends and demographic shifts are known to bring about massive changes in demand and supply of every product and service.

The best example of how powerful demographic shifts can be is to study the baby boomers generation. SOCIAL CONDITIONS AND TRENDS News - Find latest News & top stories about SOCIAL CONDITIONS AND TRENDS.

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Vanessa Bouwman-Axt and Roberto Garcia, Managing Directors of We Are Social Munich & Berlin Another theme we discussed in our Think Forward trends . THE BUSINESS TIMES Consumer - SEVENTY per cent of Singaporeans are active social media users on the go, more than double the global average of 34 per cent, according to a report on social media and digital trends around the world..

Read more at The Business Times. SINGAPORE — Singaporeans are one of the most active social media consumers in the world, according to a report by We Are Social released on Wednesday (Jan 8).

The Republic has the world’s.

Singapore among the most active on social media: Report